Sushi with a Dash of Sass: Dinner at West Midtown’s O-Ku


Hamachi carpaccio, spring rolls, signature nigiri — oh, my! Those were the words running through my mind when dish after fresh seafood dish started arriving at my table during a recent dinner at O-Ku. 

The resto, located in Atlanta’s hip West Midtown ‘hood, has been a go-to of mine since it opened a few years ago. (Bless sushi for generally being a more healthy food option!) And recently, I was invited in (so disclaimer, the meal was on the house) to try out the new menu, crafted by Jordan Smith, the new executive chef. 

Here are three reasons to see if this nosh spot “fit” is for you: 

  • Sushi with sass. Now, you can enjoy standards like miso soup or pieces of sashimi. But, what I adore about O-Ku is the creativity with some of the dishes like the Black Magic Roll — made with lobster, shrimp, and squid ink rice — or the signature nigiri — think pieces like the Kani Truffle, comprised of snow crab, a bit of truffle butter, and basil pesto. 
  • Spot-on service. My boyfriend, Jamie, and I had a blast chatting with Jon Murray, the general manager, throughout the evening. Jon got his start at O-Ku’s Charleston location and clearly knows the drink and food menu like the back of his hand. And our server, Guillermo (please forgive me if I’ve misspelled your name!), was similarly well-versed in the menu and at the ready whenever we had a question. (I should add that I’ve also been to O-Ku on my own dime, and the service is consistently as good as what I received this evening.)
  • Shazamable tunes. Love the playlist here. I was hearing tune after tune I wanted to use in my cycling class at exhale (Monday's at 6:30 p.m.). Actually, I had Jamie Shazam two songs and ended up using one of them (a Diplo tune) in class this week!

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I'm BAAAAACK! Check Out the Belle Teaching Cycling at exhale Midtown ATL


Teaching fitness classes. It was a regular part of my life for about 14 years, and then I got a little burnt out, and decided to take a break. But, starting tomorrow morning, I'm back at it — at exhale Midtown Atlanta!

I've taken classes at exhale for years now for a variety of reasons including the fact that the formats (including barre, yoga, high-intensity interval training, and cycling) are strong, and the instructors and members have grown into my extended family. So, it felt like a perfect fit for my return to teaching.  

At first, I'll be subbing classes. But, hopefully, with everyone's support — and some effort on my end to put together sweet playlists and bring energy that can make 45 minutes on a bike FUN — I'll eventually get a time slot (or two!) of my own. 

With that said, tomorrow (5/9/18) at 7 a.m., I'll be getting my sub on. I hear the class is already pretty packed, but there are a few spots left, if you want to join me! (FYI, if it's your first time taking a class at exhale, let me know, as I have a stash of complimentary passes.) 

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Stay FWABulous, y'all! 


Mountains to Moab: Visiting Utah's Montage Deer Valley in Simply Buckhead

Montage Deer Valley.png

As the tiny private plane soared above the mountains, still dappled with winter snow, and headed toward the red rocks of Moab, Utah, I tried to wrap my brain around the adventure to come. 

Thanks to the Montage Deer Valley resort in Park City, I was about to enter a fantasyland for outdoor experiences. Check out one of my latest pieces for Simply Buckhead magazine to find out if this property might be a summer vacation fit for you... 

Sky’s the Limit Salads at Salata


Bean sprouts, feta cheese, pesto chicken, oh my! A lunchtime salad from Salata is anything but boring, y’all.

Recently, the Atlantic Station location (there are a few across the ATL) invited me in for a complimentary meal — and I gladly accepted. Here are three reasons why I think you should give this fast, fresh food spot a try.

  • All the toppings. We’re talking 50+, folks. Pumpkin seeds. Jicama. Beets. From the exotic to the familiar, there are options to suit any taste buds. Plus, you can choose from a variety of proteins ranging from chicken to shrimp and several yummy dressings.
  • Friendly faces. I was really impressed by how upbeat the people behind the counter were. My order was taken with a smile, and my questions were gladly answered.

  • You’re in and out. All you do is step up to the counter, pick your ingredients, and have your salad plated or packed up for take away. It's a perfect option if you’re crunched for time and need a quick and healthy lunch.