Push It Real Good: Pressure Points that Spell Relief


I don’t know about you, but my go-to remedy for pain and stress tends to be a pain pill of some sort. But put down that glass of water and the Advil — there’s another option.

Many of the massage therapists I’ve worked with swear by the effectiveness of applying pressure to certain points of the body. And lucky for me, my most recent assignment for the Fitness Magazine website forced me to do some serious “research” into this topic. (I love it when the articles I write are about a topic I’ve been looking to learn more about for my own personal well being!)

Some of the must-tries include the remedies for hangover-induced nausea and period pains. Click this link to get the scoop — and hopefully, some relief: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/health/body/pain-relief/pressure-points.

Amelia PavlikComment