Joining the Spin Cycle: A Visit to Midtown's Torq Cycle


It was lunchtime on a Wednesday. And thanks to Christy, I was feeling the burn (and I'm not talking heartburn). 

Instead of stuffing my face with my typical lunch salad, I'd decided to try out a class at Torq Cycle in Midtown Atlanta. (Think Flywheelesque kick ass workout but from a locally owned boutique spin studio.) 

I first learned about Torq when I did a piece previewing it's opening for Modern Luxury's JEZEBEL Magazine. And once it actually opened this fall, I knew I had to check out a class — especially since this particular class was one of the freebies Torq sometimes offers to highlight instructors and time slots. (Regardless, your first ride at Torq is always free.)

The lunch class came in a convenient "portion" of 35 minutes, so I could scoot over from my day job at Georgia Tech during my lunch break and be back before it was over. (FYI, folks, Torq has showers where you can get cleaned up post sweat sesh, as well as the most amazing Malin + Goetz bath products!) And towels and spin shoes are available at the studio.

One of the things I enjoyed most about Torq is the spin room. The sound system rocks, and the instructors know how to set the lighting to create a mood for the riders. Over the course of the class, Christy took us up hills, on sprints, and wore our legs out with her enthusiasm and push.

She also did an excellent job of giving form cues and making sure that we were all working at our own pace. By the end of the class, I was ready to take on the rest of my day at the office — and I didn't have to worry about working out later! The verdict? Fit!

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