Worshipping at the Church of Chocolate: Chocolate Sundays at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta


Marshmallows dripping with chocolate fondue. Lime and cracked pepper chocolate bark. And something called a “Hot Chocolate Bomb.” Welcome to March Sundays at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

Now, y’all know that I love good food and wine — and practice moderation and get my fitness on regularly to be able to do so. But indulging in the things you love (that is, chocolate) is key to happiness, which is key to my wellness. (Don’t you love my logic?) And when I was invited to a complimentary preview of the tastes that were going to be served up during Chocolate Sundays at the hotel, I accepted in a heartbeat. 

I had a chance to taste almost every yummy mentioned above, except for the hot chocolate bomb. (Think steamed milk being poured over a sphere of housemade dark chocolate filled with powered cocoa and marshmallows — bliss!) I also got to try several bite size desserts that were filled with rich and delicious creams.


I think it’s a given that this event is a “fit.” Enjoy a Chocolate Sunday of your own through March 29. It’s $28 per person or $14 if added to Park 75’s Sunday Brunch experience, which is available from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. And BTW, the Hot Chocolate Bomb is an additional $8 per serving, and valet parking is complimentary.

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