Treat Your Ta-Tas, Do a Little Good this Month at Rigby & Peller

I never knew I could love a strapless bra — until I met my Stella at Rigby & Peller.

To elaborate, I’ve nicknamed her that because this supportive yet sexy piece of lingerie is part of Stella McCartney’s line. (I mean, what doesn’t she design, right?) For years, I’ve disliked strapless bras, because, well, they can just be so uncomfortable. But during a recent trip to R & P, which is located at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, the fabulous Marlisha (assistant manager of the boutique) changed my mind.

There are the types of shopping that I really enjoy — looking for jewelry and trying on sun dresses — and then the types that I do sparingly, which include trying on jeans and bras. But that’s what I love about the experience at R & P; it is more of a pleasure than a pain. And over its 75 years in business, R & P has “supported” everyone from rock royalty to the real variety, so they’re process   is on point.  

When I arrived at the store, I told Marlisha what I was looking for. Next, she took me into a fitting room and used her handy tape measure to check my measurements. It’s definitely a more peaceful and personalized experience than what you experience at other lingerie super stores.

And the thing that has amazed me is that for years I was wearing a 36B. But when properly sized, I should be wearing a 34D. Weird, huh? Also, R & P keeps your measurements and the styles you’ve purchased on file, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you visit.

Marlisha brought me several options to try, and once I put my Stella on, it was magic. It was practical (meaning it fit me like a glove and would fit smoothly beneath any top or dress). But it was also sexy — meaning, I wouldn't be ashamed to show it off! Mission accomplished!

Here’s the bonus, y’all… From Oct. 15-31, R & P has partnered with the national nonprofit, Free the Girls, which works to provide jobs to survivors of sex trafficking in developing countries by helping them make connections and earn a steady income in a safe environment through selling bras. All you have to do is drop off your gently worn bra, and you’ll receive $10 off their next bra purchase at Rigby & Peller.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got no reason not to give this “fit” a try!

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