A Clean and Well Dream Courtesy of the WellKept Team

A dirty bathtub — the number one thing I dread having to clean. And of course dreading something leads to stress, which isn’t good for the belle’s wellness, right? And that’s why a recent offer from the folks at WellKept caught my eye.

The company, which is currently only available in the Atlanta area and allows you to clean just one room if you like (at $15 a room), recently asked if I wanted to try out its services on my place. All I had to do was go online, book a date, and submit a payment. (And disclaimer, the cleaning was provided free of charge this go around.)

On the scheduled day, a team of two cleaners showed up right on time with all of their equipment. The duo was polite and professional and immediately got to work on cleaning my one bedroom/one bath apartment. You name it, they did it. Everything was wiped down or dusted, vacuumed or mopped, and yes, that pesky bathtub was cleaned, too. I even noticed that one of the cleaners wiped down a plate that serves as a water collection plate for a plant of mine. Now, that’s attention to detail. (And if you want to pay a little extra, they’ll also add tasks like cleaning the inside of cabinets or the fridge to the to-do list.)

In less than two hours, my apartment was cleaned without me ever having to lift a finger. And given it would have only cost $60 to accomplish this (had I been paying), I wondered why I’d never tried this “fit” before. Needless to say, WellKept will be helping me with my dirty bathtub needs going forward!

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