Socially Responsible Sex — Sustain Style


Condoms and lube — two things I never thought I’d write a blog about. But thanks to the folks at Sustain, here I am. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, consider it my little gift to you. 

Now, for a change, you aren’t going to get the details of my personal experience with the goodies that Sustain sent my way (so, disclaimer, the condoms and lube I received were freebies). But, I will divulge that I really appreciate the message behind them.

For example, the condoms (available in lubricated ultra thin, tailored fit, and comfort fit varieties) are nontoxic and Fair Trade certified. And here’s the other cool part... Through its dedicated fund, 10%4Women, Sustain donates 10 percent of its pre-tax profits to organizations like Planned Parenthood to fund procedures such as STI testing and breast cancer screenings for low-income women in the United States.

And then there’s the fabulous organic lube, which is free of harsh ingredients such as petroleum, glycerin, and parabens. BTW, it’s available in both lavender and unscented varieties.

So, don’t be shy. Whether you're on your own or have someone to love on this V Day weekend, why not pick up a few of Sustain’s products. I guarantee you'll at least have fun seeing if they’re a “fit” for you?

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