An Uplifting Experience: Platform at Pure Barre Virginia Highlands


A step up from barre — that’s what I like to consider Pure Barre’s newest class format, Platform

Recently, the Virginia Highlands location invited me to stop by and give it a shot (so disclaimer, y’all, I was hosted) — and I gladly accepted.

Just like with a regular Pure Barre class, you’ll need those sticky socks. But get ready for a side of cardio to go with your lifting and tucking. One of my instructor favorites at the studio is Katy, and as usual, she delivered in terms of motivational coaching, giving people with limitations modifications, and correcting form. 

For 55 minutes, we alternated between your typical barre class concentrations on various body parts (that is, arms, butt, thighs, and core) with cardio intervals sprinkled in. The intervals — think moves like hops with a straight-legged glute lift and quick knees to the chest — incorporated a small step-up platform. (Hence, the name of the format.) 

The one thing that Katy told me prior to class is to just have fun with the cardio intervals and make them big vs. the smaller more controlled movements you do during a regular Pure Barre class. I thought this was helpful. Of course, you want to be safe and not throw out your knee or sprain an ankle. But because the goal is to get your heart rate up during the intervals, it’s good to not be too concerned about whether your hip is tucked at just the right angle and so on.  

By the time we made it to the cool down (following the intense core-killing grand finale), I had worked up a sweat and gotten in my core and resistance work. This "fit" was a win-win workout.

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