Getting My Glow On: The Venus Freeze Facial at Bella by Alethea

My post-facial selfie.

My post-facial selfie.

Laser. When I hear that word, my mind has been trained to automatically think “ouch.” But a recent experience at Atlanta’s Bella by Alethea has left me thinking something else — results. 

I was invited to visit the medical spa (so, yes, my treatment was complimentary, y’all), which is tucked away in a cute bungalow in Buckhead. What I loved is that from the moment I walked in, I felt like I was in a professional place, but it didn’t have a cold doctor’s office feel. 

Upon arrival, Alethea took me back to my treatment room and discussed what I should expect during the Venus Freeze Facial. Immediately, I really liked how the room was appointed with all of the latest tools of the med spa trade but was decorated to make you feel cozy and relaxed. 

The treatment lasted about 30 minutes and used the Venus laser. The idea is that the laser stimulates collagen creation, which is what smooths out wrinkles and makes our skin look healthy and glowing. It’s best for people who are looking for results with repairing fine lines, lifting, and tightening.  

So, for the first part of the treatment, Alethea moved the laser across my face. I felt little zaps, but nothing painful. If anything, it just felt like little tingles every 5-10 seconds. Not bad at all. 

After applying a few other potions that she thought my skin could use to help with opening up pores (I have an ongoing relationship with blackheads on my nose that drives me crazy) and moisturizer, I was ready to go. And boy was I happy with the results. 

My skin was a little pink (see the picture), but it was that healthy pink. I was actually so pleased with how healthy my skin looked that I didn’t wear makeup on the first date I went on later that night. And I had such a great experience with Alethea and the laser that I’m thinking about going back and trying laser hair removal for my underarms. (I’ll keep y’all posted.) 

So, if you haven’t guessed it, this facial gets my official stamp of “fit” approval. Absolutely FWABulous!

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