I’ve Got the Power: A Visit to CorePower Yoga


“Don’t fail me now, triceps!” That’s what was running through my mind as I moved through what felt like my 20th chaturanga (think a low plank — and it may have just been my fifth) of my first CorePower Yoga (CPY) class at Ponce City Market.  

As part of National Fitness Month (i.e., May), I was invited to try a month of classes at the studio, which is conveniently located across the street from my apartment in Atlanta. (So, disclaimer, y’all — my classes are complimentary.) 

So, a few things to know… CPY has locations across the country. Your first week is free. And the first time you visit, you get free matt and towel rental (typically, if you don’t have your own, you would pay a small fee for either of these).

The studio offers a variety of classes from basic (in a room with no heat or added humidity) to hot yoga (in a room that’s 102-104 degrees with added humidity). There's even a yoga sculpt class option. At CPY, you don’t register for classes ahead of time online. From what I understand, they are generally first come, first served. So, I’d arrive about 10-15 minutes in advance. 

I opted to start with the CPY Yoga 1 beginner class, and I thought it was a great fit. Even though the room wasn’t heated, it was still pretty warm. (There is plenty of natural light in the studio I was in — which was awesome.) I felt like our instructor, Danielle, struck a balance between challenging us with the flows through chaturanga and downward dog, and providing peaceful moments to catch our breath and get centered. 

For an hour, we moved through balancing poses, core work, an inversion, and challenged our entire body.  I loved that Danielle provided options for those of us who couldn’t, for example, balance our knees on our elbows. (One day...) And I left feeling like I’d experienced a balance of challenge and relaxation.  

The verdict? I’ll be headed back to try my hand at a CPY Yoga 2 class very soon! And given you have the option of a free week, why not give it a shot? 

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