Suite Fitness and Wellness — Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Style

A spin bike in the living room. A basket of fitness goodies ranging from DVDs to yoga gear. A sound machine in the bedroom that lulls you to sleep with the “shush, shush” of waves crashing against the shore. These are a few of my favorite Ritz-Carlton Buckhead spa suite things. 

I was recently invited to check out the hotel’s entire wellness floor for an article I’m working on  (so, disclaimer, y’all — my visit was hosted). And my spa suite — the White Lotus Suite — was like a fit and well heaven. 

When I first entered the space, my eyes immediately went to the spin bike in the living room where you’ll also find yoga gear, cycling DVDs, and an electronic standing desk. Then, there was the bedroom and master bath, which featured books on meditation and yoga, a sound machine, a hanging chair (that you’ll have to see to believe), and a deep soaking tub. 

And bonus — this suite was right down the hall from the hotel’s spa, which meant that I could make the short shuffle to my treatment in my robe and slippers. 

The verdict? The next time I need a little fit and well staycation in the city, this “fit” is definitely at the top of my list.

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