Protein Power: trusource Protein Waters Pack a Nutrient Punch


Convenience. That's what I appreciated most about the trusource Protein Waters I had a chance to try.

Recently, the company offered to send me some samples to try for the blog. And as usual, I was happy to be a Guinea pig for y'all. (Of course, disclaimer — I'm not a dietitian or nutritionist. So, these are just my opinions.)

So, back to the convenience factor. The great thing about these drinks is that they provide 20 grams of protein, and only include 80 calories. I think they're a great solution if you need protein post-workout or something to fill your belly in between meals.

The one thing I wasn't as big of a fan of was the sweet flavor. (BTW, I tried the fruit passion, blue raspberry, and citrus splash flavors.) But, I know I tend to be more sensitive to sweetness. With that said, it's likely that others wouldn't notice it as much as I did. Although it's not a total "fit" for me, I'd say give it a shot. Again, I really dig the convenience of all that protein in a handy little drink!

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