Once I Popped, I Couldn’t Stop: CaJa Popcorn

Pimento cheese. Spicy BBQ. With flavors like these, I was doomed the moment I opened my CaJa Popcorn tin.

I’m a sucker for popcorn. For example, I’m that girl who ALWAYS has to have it at the movie theater. So, when the folks at CaJa offered to send me some complimentary samples of the sea salt caramel, pimento cheese, and spicy BBQ flavors, I gladly accepted.

The neat thing about this Atlanta-based company (there are two locations in Buckhead) is they make the popcorns in small batches and don’t use nuts or preservatives. And because they only carry six to seven flavors at a time, you get a fresh and high-quality snack.

What was my favorite? Hmm. I liked to alternative between the cheesiness of the pimento cheese  and the sweet and savoriness of the BBQ. My mouth is watering just remembering them…

So, the next time you need a clever gift or a yummy snack, definitely give this “fit” a try. But, be careful. 'Cause once you pop, you’re not going to want to stop!