Believe in Bare: A Taste of Bare Snacks


Crunchy, yummy coconut, banana, and apple chips — sometimes the best snacks are the simplest, thanks to Bare Snacks.

Recently, the company that encourages us to “Crave Simple” sent me some samples of their products to try for the blog. Y’all, I have to say that I was impressed with the variety of these dried snack options.

There are the plain versions of the coconut, banana, and apple chips. But, then there are flavored options like the cinnamon banana chips and the sweet ginger coconut chips. Of course, the beauty is that’s exactly what they are — fruit without any icky additives. (There are actually organic versions of many of the snacks, too.)

My favorites were the cinnamon banana chips, the Fuji and reds apple chips, and the toasted coconut chips. Whenever I needed just a bite of something sweet during my work day, these were the perfect solution. That is, a “fit” for this belle!

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