Sock It to Me: Nike’s No-Show Running Socks


The quest — for the perfect workout sock. I was on one until recently. But, thanks to good old Nike, my foot prayers were answered. 

Let me explain. I’m a creature of habit, y’all. I can’t tell you how bummed I was when my favorite Asics workout socks were no longer available. You see, the magical socks were white and cut to sit low and be hidden in the shoe, except for a little lip on the back that kept them from falling down. And I’d been buying them for close to 10 years. Sigh. 

Well, after an Internet search, I decided to give the Nike No-Show Running Sock a try. I opted to buy the white version, but if you’re feeling sassy, they come in a few colors like green and black. And I crossed my fingers that these babies would be worth the $16 a pair price tag. (This time, folks, I was not approached to try these socks. I found them on my own.) 

As soon as they arrived, I took them out for a run. The socks didn’t fall down into the shoe, and they provided the perfect amount of cushioning that hugged my foot. I had found a “fit” for my foot! 

And good news — currently the socks are on sale for about $10! So, if you want to give your feet a little love, get yourself a pair or two ASAP.

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