An IV With a Side of Oxygen: Kicking a Cold the Vida-Flo Way


A little prick doesn’t really bother me — when it comes to needles, that is. So, when I came down with a cold days before my birthday trip to Copenhagen, I decided to head to Vida-Flo Brookhaven for a less traditional treatment. 

Over the past few years, Vida-Flo has opened locations across the country to serve up a hydration and vitamin treatment that is delivered through an IV. According to the website, “At Vida-Flo, the building block therapy for rehydration are Lactated Ringers, what we call our ‘Hydration Restoration Fluids.’ These 1000mL bags consist of normal saline (0.9% sodium chloride) which replaces vital salt lost during exercise, after illness or even during the rigors of daily life when we do not drink enough water. It also contains the electrolytes Potassium, Calcium and Lactate.” 

Recently, the Brookhaven location offered me some complimentary treatments to see what the therapy is all about. (BTW, people also seek the IV therapy to recover from hangovers and to recover after jet lag and athletic events like marathons.) And so, with a congested head, I headed to get pricked. 

When I arrived, I was escorted to a room with recliners and a TV. Then, one of the medical professionals on staff asked me a series of health questions, and we figured out what my fluid cocktail should be — a mix of B vitamins (for energy), vitamin C (immune system boost), and zinc (immune system boost) (in addition to the other nutrients that are in the fluid bag). 

Next up, the staff member returned with my bag, and inserted the IV into my arm. As an added bonus, I was given oxygen to inhale while my IV dripped away (to boost energy). About 20 minutes later, my bag was emptied, and I was sent on my way. I have to admit that I did feel like I had a boost of energy as I went about the rest of my day. 

I returned for one more treatment before I hopped the pond. Of course, I was doing a slew of other things to boost my immune system and make me feel better (e.g., extra sleep, taking lots of vitamin C orally, taking Sudafed, etc.). But, by the time I got to Copenhagen, I felt like the cold hadn’t gotten worse, and I think the IV treatment certainly contributed. The verdict? The next time I’m starting to feel under the weather, I’d gladly give this “fit” a go again!

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