Join the Club: A Class at Club Pilates


Lengthen, pulse, and pull in those core muscles — these are three form cues that were burned into my brain by the end of a recent class at Buckhead’s new Club Pilates studio. 

Recently, I took Jenn’s Friday noon CP Reformer Plus 1 class. (And, disclaimer, the studio did offer to host me for the class.) Now, to give you a little background, the “level 1” class is described as being effective and ideal for beginners to Pilates. 

During the 50-minute class, Jenn did an excellent job of ensuring that my form was correct. (Hence, the three form cues mentioned above being burned into my brain.) About half of the class was spent on the reformer, which looks a little like a Medieval torture device but is actually a really effective tool for training the whole body. The rest involved using other tools like a ball and a spring board for other resistance training work.

We worked through upper- and lower-body, and core exercises that involved small and precise movements. I will say that intensity-wise, the intro class probably wasn’t the most challenging. It was excellent for learning form on the reformer. But, I didn’t feel like I got as much of a workout. So, if I returned, I would probably try a higher intensity level (they go up to 2.5) or one of the other formats like Cardio Sculpt or TRX/Reformer Fusion. 

Regardless, I finished class feeling like I had a better idea of how to properly move my body when on a Pilates reformer. (And bonus — the boutique has some pretty cute gear, y’all.) And I’m curious to see what a more challenging version of the class would be like. So, the verdict? “Fit!” 

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