A Little Love Does a Body Good: Single in the City for Simply Buckhead


That "zsa zsa zsu." During an episode of "Sex and the City," those are the words that Carrie Bradshaw used to describe the lovey-dovey connection that most folks are searching for — and I'm no exception. 

In the January/February issue of Simply Buckhead magazine, I got to live out my dream of stepping into Bradshaw's Choo's and write about dating in the Buckhead 'hood of Atlanta. And since love (from friends, family, and a significant other)  is part of my total wellness plan, I figured that y'all might like to find out what happened. 

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, read on to find out if any of the five experiences I tried might be a fit for you or any of your single buddies!    

Also, I’m now overseeing the wellness feature for Atlanta’s Simply Buckhead magazine and the beauty/wellness feature for its sister publication for the Midtown 'hood, 17th South. If you ever have any article ideas, please send them my way — I’m always looking for new ideas to pitch! Keep up with my FWABulous adventures on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.