Massage Made Easy: Buckhead's spa810

Image credit: CatMax Photography

Image credit: CatMax Photography

As Tresca kneaded my sore calf muscles into submission, I had the feeling I'd found a "fit" at spa810.

The spot opened in the Buckhead area of Atlanta this winter and offers up both massages and facials. And y'all know me — when I'm invited to try a new wellness spot, it's pretty rare that I say "no." (So, disclaimer, the massage I enjoyed was complimentary.)

I signed up for the hour-long Prana Vitality massage, which is meant to revitalize the entire body by releasing toxins, reducing fatigue, and restoring strength. Given my bothersome calf muscles, Tresca did provide me with a modified version of the massage to ensure that I got what my body really needed out of the hour. 

I left feeling relief and will gladly request Tresca's hands again! And of course, I still need to go back and try a facial, too... 

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