Take the Stress Off Your Breasts: Lululemon’s Enlite Bra


The bouncing. The bumping. The stress. During an average workout sesh, your breasts are put through the ringer. Enter Lululemon’s Enlite Bra.

Recently, the folks at Atlanta’s Howell Mill Lulu boutique gave me an Enlite to take for a test run. (So, disclaimer, y’all, this goodie was on the house.) I’d heard great things about this bra from fellow fit friends, so I was eager to give it a shot.

The bra is sized per normal bra sizes, and my best fit was indeed the same as my bra size. I went for the black version, but it’s also offered in a few additional colors.

But, here’s what’s really important — the way my tatas felt when I went running. Instead of feeling like they were mashed into the bra to hold the breasts in place, the cups actually cradled my tatas. They didn’t bounce or jiggle — they just comfortably stayed put. And the fabric was soft and comfy, and basically molded to my body.

By the end of my run, I was counting the minutes until I could try the bra out during another high-impact workout. Talk about a literal “fit!”

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