I'm BAAAAACK! Check Out the Belle Teaching Cycling at exhale Midtown ATL


Teaching fitness classes. It was a regular part of my life for about 14 years, and then I got a little burnt out, and decided to take a break. But, starting tomorrow morning, I'm back at it — at exhale Midtown Atlanta!

I've taken classes at exhale for years now for a variety of reasons including the fact that the formats (including barre, yoga, high-intensity interval training, and cycling) are strong, and the instructors and members have grown into my extended family. So, it felt like a perfect fit for my return to teaching.  

At first, I'll be subbing classes. But, hopefully, with everyone's support — and some effort on my end to put together sweet playlists and bring energy that can make 45 minutes on a bike FUN — I'll eventually get a time slot (or two!) of my own. 

With that said, tomorrow (5/9/18) at 7 a.m., I'll be getting my sub on. I hear the class is already pretty packed, but there are a few spots left, if you want to join me! (FYI, if it's your first time taking a class at exhale, let me know, as I have a stash of complimentary passes.) 

Stay tuned to my social media —  Instagram — for the latest classes I'm subbing. And be sure to check the blog regularly for my latest thoughts about various fitness and wellness experiences, products, etc.!

Stay FWABulous, y'all!