Good as Golda: Trying Georgia’s Own Golda Kombucha


Probiotics in my belly? Yes, please! My mama always preached the value of these good-for-your-gut bacteria and yeast, and I drink them daily in my Kefir-based smoothies. But, it wasn’t until recently that I gave kombucha a try. Golda Kombucha, to be exact. 

You’ve probably heard of the fizzy tea that has become THE trendy beverage to consume. It’s typically made up of fermented black or green tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. Golda is Atlanta’s first (and currently only) kombucha company, founded by Melanie Wade. Here are a few reasons to give this Fit and Well Atlanta Belle “fit” a try: 

  • It’s a family tradition. Wade’s Grandma Golda developed the original recipe, which has been with her since college. Using the culture, Wade has created flavor combos like peach ginger and strawberry mint (my fave!!), which can now be found in more than 100 Kroger and Whole Foods markets.

  • It’s healthy and refreshing. I was concerned that the drink might be too sweet for me, but it’s not. The bubbles make it refreshing, and again, you know that you’re doing some good for your gut. For more info about integrating fermented bites and drinks into your diet, check out this piece I did for Modern Luxury’s JEZEBEL.

  • You can find it on tap. Golda is now available on tap at Cultured South, Atlanta’s first marketplace for health, living foods made in the South, located on the BeltLine. I mean, who doesn’t want to try a kombucha float with some vegan gelato?? At Cultured South, you can also find vegan cheeses and other probiotic-rich offerings.

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