Liquid Love: Noli Black Liquid Leggings

Noli Leggings.jpeg

“Where did you get those leggings?!” This is what I hear whenever I wear my Noli Black Gloss Liquid Leggings. 

I first discovered these sassy gems for my gams at SculptHouse here in Atlanta (a fitness studio with a killer activewear boutique). I was looking for a pair of leggings that looked chic but were comfy to wear on the plane. And as soon as I slipped the Nolis on, I was sold. 

The only size SculptHouse had was a medium, so I went ahead and grabbed it. But, while these stay on fine, they’re not snug enough to stay up very well if you’re going for a run or jumping around a ton. 

So, when I bought my second pair at Exhale Spa Atlanta — I was wearing the first pair so frequently, I needed to bring another into the rotation — I went ahead and went with a small. I now have a pair of the full length and the 7/8 length. Simply put: they’re FWABulous!

Have you tried Noli leggings, or do you have a favorite pair of any leggings that you just adore? Tell us about them in the Comments section.