4 Reasons It's a Fit: SoulCycle

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As the bumping beat of a dance mix of Ariana Grande's 7 Rings started to pulse through the speakers in the candle-lit Buckhead SoulCycle studio, and my pedaling started to catch that right-left, right-left rhythm, I knew I was in my happy place. 

Now, I have to admit that the first time I took a class at our Atlanta location, I wasn't impressed. The teacher didn't go over proper form, I couldn't understand what he was telling us to do throughout class, and he broke one of the signature candles that sit on the instructor bike platform during class. But, I chose to chalk that ride up to the fact that the studio had just opened, and teachers were getting into their groove. 

With that said, I recently decided to give SoulCycle another shot (and on my own dime, too). And, boy, was I impressed! Here are four reasons why it is becoming a regular "fit" for me: 

  1. Savannah. This is my numero uno reason for regular returns. This lady is a teaching all-star! (And I can be a bit picky, since I've been teaching cycling on and off for about a decade.) From the moment she clips into her pedals and puts the mic on, Savannah brings a balance of energy and expertise. So, while she might yell a motivating phrase or ask us how we're doing, she's also giving us form cues on how to ride safely and effectively. Plus, her playlists are killer (more about that in a second), and her class choreography is a great balance of runs, climbs, and other rhythm work. 

  2. Tunes. All I can speak to is Savannah's playlists, and as I said — they do not disappoint! Although she includes a little bit of everything, there's always a driving beat. Over on the SoulCycle site, you can get a taste of what I'm talking about...

  3. Lighting. The candle-lit cycling studio is my happy place. Aside from the thumping music, the voice of the teacher, and the "whir" of the bikes, nothing else exists for the time you're in the space. Now, I don't want to mislead you — it's not pitch black the entire class. There are times when the teacher will strategically turn up the lights as part of what I consider the “choreography.” But, it's only a matter of time before they're turned back down.

  4. Notes. When I was in class recently, I noticed that there was a hand-written note on the bike next to me welcoming someone to their first class. And a few weeks later, I noticed a friend on Instagram mention that she'd received something similar congratulating her for completing multiple rides. A studio that celebrates guests in that way is the kind of studio I want to go to.

Until next time, follow my adventures on Instagram and Pinterest — and here’s to a FWABulous day, friends!

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