Face the Facts: Enjoying a Facial at Four Seasons Toronto

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“Wake up!” I told myself. The portion of my facial at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto’s spa where the therapist provides a little massage of the head, neck, and arms was blissful. And I was so relaxed, I’d almost fallen asleep.

From the moment I arrived, I’d been dazzled by this spa. (FYI, the hotel did host me for my spa treatment.) First off, it’s massive. There are relaxation rooms upon relaxation rooms. The showering and changing areas are expansive. The amount/size of the treatment rooms is just icing on the cake. And there are plenty of unique touches that I also adored.

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When I arrived, I was shown to the changing area and donned the customary spa uniform of robe and sandals. Then, I snuggled up in what I considered the pre-relaxation relaxation area where I enjoyed a cup of tea (if you like milk, just ask, and an attendant will bring some) and a few of the light snack bites, which included a yummy, but healthy cranberry crumble, and a vegan sweet and seeded bar bite.

I did enjoy the steam room for a bit. (FYI, there’s also a gorgeous indoor pool.) And before I knew it, it was time to head to the “real” relaxation room, complete with these awesome curvy chaise lounges and snuggly blankets, to meet my therapist.

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She retrieved me right on time, and escorted me to a beautiful dimly lit treatment room. After asking about my skin needs, she departed so that I could get cozy between the soft sheets on the warmed table. I received the Elemental Facial, which included cleansing, extractions, and plenty of moisturizing for my constantly dried out skin.

As I’ve already mentioned, I ended up being so relaxed during the 60 minutes that I almost fell asleep. Post-treatment, my therapist guided me back to the relaxation room where I tuned out the world for a while longer. Then, I wandered back into the pre-relaxation relaxation area to take advantage of the gratitude jar — where I could leave a little card that expressed gratitude for something my life (great idea!!).

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I was headed to dinner in the hotel’s French-inspired Cafe Boulud, so I also took advantage of the showers. There was every amenity that I could ask for to wake me up and get me beautified for a meal in a fine restaurant.

One last touch that I loved is that the spa carries fresh juice options from the Toronto company, Greenhouse. I’m a huge fan of my fresh-pressed Bamboo Juices here in Atlanta and loved to see that something similar was an option for people visiting the spa.

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