Beach Bliss: A Girls Wellness Weekend at One Ocean Resort & Spa — Part I


Fresh green juice, little bottles of S.Pellegrino, almonds, and Goldfish crackers. All of my favorite snacks were there to greet me when I arrived at my room at the One Ocean Resort & Spa in Atlantic Beach, Fla.  

Recently, the resort, located just east of Jacksonville, invited me down for a visit (so, yes, friends, portions of the trip were complimentary) that I gladly accepted. Those personalized snacks that I just mentioned were only one of the many things that I made the One an ideal spot for my girls wellness weekend. Read on for the scoop!


The beauty of this beach is that it’s a quick flight or five-hour drive away from Atlanta. My sweet friend, Lane, and I opted for the flight option, departing on a Friday afternoon. We were greeted at the airport by Jay of Island Transportation (just ask the hotel to arrange a reservation, and they’ll gladly assist). On the 30-45 minute ride to the One (depends on traffic), Jay filled us in on where we should eat, the history of Atlantic Beach, and other fun facts. Plus, he made a pit stop for us at the liquor store, so we could stock up on Bloody Mary and gin and tonic fixings. Bottom line? For the fee (around $75 with tip), I’d highly recommend you reserve a ride with Jay vs. taking an Uber.


When we arrived at the hotel, Lane and I were greeted by one of the docents and escorted to our room. The docents are best described as a cross between a concierge and a butler. They are available to do things like bring you tea and coffee service in the mornings, steam your favorite shirt, and ensure that those snacks mentioned earlier are customized to your liking. (And FYI, all of these services are included with your daily resort fee.) 


Our room decor had an upscale beachy vibe and a gorgeous view of the Atlantic. The only downside is that we didn’t have a balcony, so I would suggest that you splurge for the upgrade. After dolling ourselves up, Lane and I headed down to the One’s dining concept, Azurea.  


We were hoping for a relaxing meal of beautiful food and drink — and Azurea didn’t disappoint. The menu is filled with healthier options like a Florida heirloom tomato salad, a crab cake option that is more crab meat than breading, and the Hawaiian sea bass. Each of these dishes delighted my taste buds and didn’t leave me feeling uncomfortably full. Lane decided to indulge in the bone-in ribeye, while my splurge was on a few glasses of Sancerre. Plus, our server, Hannah, and the manager, Thomas, were spot on when it came to service and answering our questions. The entire experience was a blissful end to our first night at the One. 


On Saturday morning, we called down for our complimentary tea service delivery and planned out our day. By 10 a.m., we were claiming our umbrella and chairs at the pool where we stayed parked until mid afternoon. Lovelies, this pool has a fabulous view of the ocean and the best poolside servers. Whenever we needed a drink or lunch (the quinoa salad with shrimp is perfect for a warm day by the water), Hannah or Patrick were there to assist.  


Around 3 p.m., I left Lane lounging by the pool to get a bit of exercise in. The One has a spacious gym — that overlooks the pool and beach — stocked with all of the cardio equipment, weights, and fitness toys you could want. But, since the weather was so gorgeous, and the beach was ideal for a walk (wide and the sand was packed in), I headed outside and enjoyed the salt air and water splashing on my feet.  


Before I knew it, it was time to head inside to the spa to try the Ocean Polish & Marine Detox Wrap — and I couldn’t wait to see what the 80-minute treatment was all about…

Check back next week for part II of my girls wellness weekend at the One. I’ll tell you all about the spa and our day beachside, what to order for a room service breakfast, and the restaurants you need to try just beyond the hotel’s doors! Until next time, follow my adventures on Instagram and Pinterest — and here’s to a FWABulous day, friends!