Meet Amelia Pavlik, AKA ‘The Belle’

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Divorce. Changing jobs. Moving to Atlanta. In 2012, I had a chance to reinvent myself — and I jumped at it. 

Since my second year of college, I’d taught every group fitness class from step aerobics to cycling. And I’d always wanted to write for lifestyle magazines. Marrying my love for writing with my love for wellness went together like peanut butter and jelly. So, I came up with the Fit & Well Atlanta Belle (FWAB). 

But, this isn’t just your run-of-the mill site about all things six-pack abs and kale. Nope. Wellness means something different to me. Although I admire the chiseled bodies that result from lean protein diets where sugar and alcohol are absent and two-a-day workouts are a fact of life, that’s never going to be me. And I’m AOK with that. 

I do love to be active. (I teach three classes a week at Exhale Spa and workout most days of the week.) But, food and beautiful wines and cocktails are part of my wellness. I’m the kind of gal who doesn’t want to live a life without the deliciousness of things like butter, chips and queso, and gin and tonics. Without these things — in moderation, of course — I’d be miserable. And for me, happiness and joy is just as much a part of the wellness puzzle as working out and eating right. 

The other thing to know about me is that I’m a sucker for all things upscale wellness. So, that’s what I’ll be sharing with you here. These are my experiences and insights into things like a trip to the Montage Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, where a private plane transported us for a one-day jaunt to the desert to hike, the latest leggings, beauty products and spa treatments, and — since beautiful food and drinks are part of my wellness plan — where you should head when you want to indulge in bites and sips that laugh at kale for its conservative caloric count.   

So, I hope you’ll join me on this upscale fit and well journey across the globe that will always return to its Atlanta roots. Here’s hoping that some of my “fits” will be just as FWABulous for you! 

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