Taking a Swing at Golf at Old Edwards Inn and Spa: Part II

Well, the Pollyanna in me got her way when it came to my golf lesson at Old Edwards Inn and Spa (OEI)— at least she kind of did.

With my rose colored glasses on, I decided that regardless of the rain, I was going to have a delightful day at the inn. After grabbing a yummy cup of tea from OEI's signature Butler's Pantry, I settled into the Hummingbird Lounge area to read the paper.

Then I ate my way through the morning. This was the first time I've had breakfast and lunch at the inn, and of course, it was all delightful. I stuck to relatively healthy choices, but couldn't resist getting a "hand-spanked" biscuit to go with my breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt. (Melt-in-your-mouth good!) When my 1 p.m. golf lesson rolled around, I decided to head to The Club and see what I could talk Jordan Kenter, director of golf, into teaching me, given the pea soup-like fog and constant “pitter pat” of rain.

The Club is located off of the road between Highlands and Cashiers, and was surrounded by trees covered in the reds and yellows of fall and the Western North Carolina mountains — I could only imagine how picturesque it would look on a sunny day.

Jordan and I did our best to go through the motions of what we would do during a normal lesson, which would typically last about an hour. First, he asked me about my athletic background and golf experience. I explained to him that I was so green, I didn't even know how to grip a club. So beneath the overhang outside of the pro shop, Jordan taught me how to grip the club, and we began to work on my swing.

Given the available space, I wasn't able to actually hit a ball, but I started to learn the basics of a good swing. He even took video of me on his iPhone, so I could see what I was doing right — and wrong. Jordan said he was impressed by the power in my swing and wished that we could move on to hitting a ball (which would be the next step in a typical lesson). I also learned that keeping my head still while swinging was going to be one of my challenges... (I was told to think of my head as being like the "center of a wheel.")

And I took advantage of the opportunity to ask what some might call "dumb" golf-related questions, including "What hand does a golf glove go on?" and "What is each club in a set for?" Jordan was happy to answer them all and never made me feel like an ignoramus.

I left The Club feeling like I had a homework assignment, meaning that I had specific elements of my swing to work on. Jordan and I also agreed that we’d reschedule my actual lesson for Thanksgiving week when Mark and I will be returning to OEI for a holiday of our own (stay tuned for an upcoming blog).

Once I returned to the inn, the rest of my day was spent going for a run on the treadmill in the two-story fitness center; enjoying the meditation room in the spa while wrapped up in a cozy robe in front of the fireplace; taking another soothing bath in the suite’s Jacuzzi tub; and enjoying another fabulously indulgent meal at Madison’s. (For more pictures from the entire trip, click here.)

Before I knew it, it was Tuesday morning and, of course, I was greeted with the sun and a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds. This visit, it was particularly hard to make the trip down the mountain and back to the reality of Atlanta. I’ll be counting the days until it’s time to return for another OEI fix — and another serving of their tasty truffle macaroni and cheese!

Do you have a favorite destination for a relaxing vacation? Share it with us in the "Comment" section. Until next Tuesday — stay FWABulous!

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