The Fit and Well Cookie Baking Belle

Once a year, I bake — and then I usually don't feel the need to do it again for 11 months.

This week, I thought I'd deviate from the normal blog post routine and share something about me that doesn't have much to do with health and fitness. (Although, maybe it does have a bit to do with my mental well-being…) Every year, since I was a kid, I've baked homemade cookies for Christmas. Then, I give them as gifts and share them with family, friends and co-workers throughout December.

Years ago, I found a recipe for vanilla cookies in a Lands' End catalog that featured family recipes from employees. Through trial and error — and many batches of cookies — I have perfected the recipe.  

One weekend in December, I will make a few batches of the from-scratch dough (which includes plenty of butter and sugar) and will use my sweet little Christmas cookie cutters to carve out the treats. I am a cookie decorating purist and will only use colored sugar and the occasional red hot or sprinkle to decorate — no icing for me.

In addition to my occasional visit to the spa or a fancy hotel, another component to my mental well-being is to do for others. My philosophy is that we all go through ups and downs, emotionally and financially. And when we're on an up, it's the perfect opportunity to do something to brighten the day of someone who is down.

This weekend, I made five batches of my cookie dough (see the finished products in the photo above), which resulted in a ridiculous number of cookies. Nothing gets me into the holiday spirit more than taking the time to bake these tiny treats — and then seeing people's faces light up as I share them. It's such an easy way to make someone's day (and to feel appreciated, too).

Do you have a favorite recipe that you always bake or make during the holidays? Share your dish with us in the "Comment" section or on our Facebook page. Until next Tuesday — stay FWABulous!

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