A Taste of Inman Park — at a Fraction of the Cost

From the grilled fish tacos smothered in poblano slaw, chipotle aioli and cruda tomatillo salsa at PURE taqueria to the spinach, ricotta, mozzarella and tomato brick oven pizza at Fritti, my Inman Park restaurants serve up many dishes that make my mouth smile — and are relatively healthy. (The picture is of the fried fish version of PURE's tacos, which are a favorite FWAB splurge any time of year.) 

In honor of Inman Park Restaurant Week (IPRW), which runs through April 1 (the Fit and Well Atlanta Belle is a proud sponsor), I wanted to highlight a few of my neighborhood restaurants. (I’ve eaten at most of the participants and have always been delighted with the food, so it would be hard to go wrong with any of them.) Here are my thoughts on what to order from the IPRW menus at three of my favorite spots:

PURE taqueria: Props to PURE, since its $25 menu includes one alcoholic beverage (choices even include a skinny margarita for the health-conscious). When it comes to the appetizer choices, I’m a forever fan of the guacamole and queso gringo. But if you’re feeling adventurous, I’d try the lobster empanadas. All of the entrees look delish, and healthier alternatives include chicken fajitas and veggie enchiladas. But, I’d splurge and go for the blue crab enchiladas or the lobster tamales. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the chocolate tart. (Geez, my taste buds get happy just writing about the choices…)

Fritti: At Fritti, you have the choice of a $15 or $25 menu — the only difference is a slightly larger selection of choices. Healthy appetizer choices include mixed green salads dressed in olive oil and lemon or balsamic vinegar. My splurge choice would be the eggplant, mozzarella and roasted pepper croquettes — little fried balls that will delight your tongue! When it comes to your entrée, one of my favorites is the Braccio di Ferro spinach and cheese pie that I described earlier. (Note, you may get charged a little extra, but ask for a side of truffle oil to dip your crust into. The richness of the oil and truffle flavor makes each bite that much better.) Dessert choices are gelato or sorbetto (which would be the lesser of two evils).  

Wisteria: This $25 or $35 (wider selection) menu offers plenty of bang for your buck. Healthier apps include the mixed greens salad with goat cheese (I’m a fan!) and the hummus, but the pimento cheese deviled eggs are a delightful splurge. Your healthier entrée choices include trout, pork tenderloin and a veggie plate (which I have had many times, because it’s a tasting of several different items that can range from asparagus to sweet potato soufflé). But the fried chicken sounds awfully good, too… Dessert is a standard tasting of several items including a sweet potato and praline cheesecake and warm fudge tart. (Note, Wisteria will also serve gluten-free items for IPRW, so ask your server for more information if interested.)

Click here for a list of all of the restaurants and links to their IPRW menus. Although many spots don’t require reservations, you may want to call ahead, as places such as Sotto Sotto fill up fast during this event.

If you’ve been to any of the Inman Park restaurants and have suggestions on which ones to try or what to order, please share them with us in the blog’s “Comment” section.

Stay tuned for a special bonus blog on Friday... Until then, here’s to a FWABulous week! 

Amelia PavlikComment