Before Hitting Moe's or McDonald's, Make the Most of these Tools

How many calories are in that burrito or Big Mac?

The more nutrition conscious I've become over the years, the more I've tried to educate myself about how many calories, fat grams, etc. are lurking in my favorite chain restaurant foods.

Online nutrition calculators/nutrition fact sheets are FWABulous tools that provide the information you need to make smarter choices when you eat out. For example, I've used the Moe's calculator to help me determine what combo of ingredients provides me with just the right number of calories for a lunchtime meal. And I've learned just how many fat grams a Zax sauce from Zaxby's (17 grams) or Chick-fil-A sauce (13 grams) contains — both were and are painful truths.  

The following is a list of links to nutrition info from some of my favorite fast and not-so-fast food restaurants. Take a look to see if the spot you're thinking of heading to for lunch or dinner is included.

Atlanta Bread Company
Burger King
California Pizza Kitchen
Caribou Coffee
Five Guys
LongHorn Steakhouse
Mellow Mushroom
Olive Garden
Panda Express
Papa Johns
Pizza Hut
P.F. Chang's
Taco Bell

If you have a restaurant you'd like to see added to this list, let me know in the "Comment" section. And please tell a friend or two to "like" the FWAB Facebook page. My goal is to get 200 "likes" by July... Every bit of support is much appreciated! Until next Tuesday — have a FWABulous week!

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