A Gym Where the View Reminds You of Why You're Working Out

Whether the goal is to lose weight or save money for a great pair of shoes, I'm the kind of person who is visually motivated. That's why I love the gym at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta. The motivation to get that bikini- (or swim trunk-) ready body is built into the experience — thanks to the view.

The fitness center overlooks the hotel's luxurious pool area, which was crawling with beautiful people frolicking in the sun the Saturday I visited. (The photo above was taken during my Sunday morning cardio workout — before all of the beautiful people had gotten out of bed.) My treadmill (and most of the cardio equipment) had a direct view of the pool. So every time I felt the need to start slacking off, seeing the hard bodies below reminded me of why that wasn't an option.

In addition to the great view and natural light, the gym is stocked with the latest equipment. There are treadmills and elliptical machines, as well as a cool piece of cardio equipment called a Precor 100i that allows you to do anything from climb stairs to "run" without putting impact on your knees. If you have a chance to check out one of these machines, do it.

There are free weights, weight machines and cable machines with almost any attachment your heart could desire. There are contraptions that will help you stretch more effectively. This gym even has its own yoga/stretching/ab work room, complete with a BOSU Trainer, resistance balls, foam rollers and yoga mats.

And you can also expect additional nice complimentary touches including fresh fruit, cold bottled water, towels and head phones (most, if not all, of the cardio equipment is equipped with a TV). In a nutshell, the gym at the St. Regis provides everything a girl could need to convince her to leave the pool on a sunny Saturday to squeeze in an hour in the gym.

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