A Workout Where Time 'Flies' By

After my not-so-memorable experience at Pure Barre, I was a little leery of trying a workout at another Buckhead boutique gym. But my experience at Flywheel renewed my faith — and left me eager to return.

Before I go on, I want to be clear that I was given the chance to experience a Flywheel class free of charge. (I’m working on an article about Flywheel for an upcoming issue of Points North, an Atlanta-area magazine.)

Flywheel is a stadium cycling gym that has locations across the country. The Atlanta location is near the Whole Foods and St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead and offers plenty of parking, which is always a plus.

The lobby/boutique area is clean and open, with lots of natural light. When I checked in for my 12:30 p.m. Saturday class, I picked up a pair of spin shoes (I loved that they let you borrow real spin shoes!), put my things in a locker, filled my water bottle up at the nifty cooler and headed into the spin room.

In addition to my spin shoes, I also loved the fact that the spin room is set up stadium-style with the bikes on different tiers and the instructor bike down front.The staff members were friendly and answered any and all of the questions that I had — and helped me get set up on my bike. 

Cara was my instructor (she was subbing for the usual guy, and I loved her) for the 45-minute ride. The neat thing is that you have a little monitor on your bike that keeps track of your Torq (resistance), RPMs, etc. Throughout the class, Cara would tell us what our goal torq or RPM was, which made the ride challenging. And if you’re a competitive soul, there are two flat screen TVs by the instructor’s bike that will keep track of who has the best stats (if you’re not the competitive type, you can opt to not participate). 

I also enjoyed that there was an upper-body component during one of the final songs of the class, which incorporate some low-weight arm exercises while you continue to peddle along. I left the class feeling like I’d accomplished a lot in just 45 minutes.

Actually, I enjoyed the experience — a “fit” for this belle — so much I even told the manager that I would be interested in teaching at the gym if she was ever looking for instructors.

For more details about Flywheel and why you should give it a try, keep your eye out for my upcoming article in Points North, which should be featured in one of the magazine’s fall or winter issues. 

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