Making Friends with the New iPod Nano

For years, iPods have been my workout lifeline. From my runs to the classes I teach, I rely on that little sucker to provide the music that moves me and the ladies and gents I teach.

Recently, I was due for an upgrade and decided to invest in a new iPod Nano. Yes, I also have an iPhone and an iPad that I could use for music, but I still need my Nano. Why you ask? Well, if carrying my keys is as annoying as carrying a sack of rocks on my run, imagine how I feel about having my big old iPhone strapped to my arm? I opt for the Nano, because of it's size and price point.

Anyway, I headed to the Apple Store and traded my old 8 GB model in for a shiny pink 16 GB model. (I was thrilled to hear about the increase in storage on the new model.) And I do recommend that you trade your old iPod in when purchasing the new one — Apple will give you a 10 percent discount on the new one.

So now that I’m rocking and rolling — literally — with my new Nano, here are some of the pros and cons of this model:


  • It’s easy is to make and edit playlists of your own.
  • 16 GB in storage is a lot better than 8 GB.
  • The new ear buds provide a great sound.
  • This Nano has Bluetooth technology, so it can function with wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones and speakers.
  • There is a button on the side that controls volume and allows the user to pause and play music.
  • There’s a radio function.
  • Nike+ support and a pedometer are built into this Nano, so you don’t need to connect a receiver or use a shoe sensor to track your steps, distance, pace, time and calories burned.


  • The clip on the back of the Nano is gone, which means you’ll have to buy an armband to “carry” it if you go for a run.
  • Once I start to sweat, the new ear buds don’t stay in my ears.
  • The touch screen can be a bit of a challenge to manipulate with sweaty fingers.
  • The new Nano uses a “lightning connector” cord for charging/synching, so you can’t use any of the 30-pin connectors that iPod, iPhone and iPad have used until recently. This isn’t a huge deal — they sell adapters — it’s more of an inconvenience that I can’t use a lot of my old cords.

With all that said, for me, the pros outweigh the cons. I can safely say that this Nano is a Fit Belle “fit.”

What is your favorite fitness tool? Share your thoughts with us in the "Comment" section or on our Facebook page. Until next Tuesday — stay FWABulous!

Amelia PavlikComment