Workouts for Any Mood — Courtesy of Comcast

The other day I made a pretty FWABulous fitness discovery. Thanks to Comcast On Demand, I can access fitness workouts of every type, from the comfort of my living room, for free. (Well, "free" in the sense that I don’t have to pay any additional fees beyond my monthly cable bill.)

Lately, I’ve found myself a bit reluctant to leave my cozy apartment on the weekends to go out into the cold weather (OK, so "cold" to this belle might not be the same as "cold" to my readers up North) to get to a fitness class.

For example, I've had a tough time getting to the Sunday yoga class that I love at World Gym Smyrna, so I thought about ordering a fitness DVD that could serve as an alternative. But then it hit me. If the On Demand feature offers all sorts of movies, episodes of TV shows and other resources, maybe it also offers fitness programming.

Sure enough, I found a whole library of everything from dance to kickboxing to yoga and Pilates workouts. (To access, open On Demand/find the entry for sports and fitness/find the entry for fitness workouts.)

I tried the 36-minute “Yoga for Runners” workout, produced by and hosted by Erika Schnicke. I was impressed with how she provided modifications throughout the video and felt like it helped me get a nice stretch in after my Saturday run. (If you have Comcast and would like to try a quick yoga workout, I’d recommend checking this one out.)

I’m not sure if other cable providers such as Charter or Dish Network offer something similar, but I’d encourage you to do a little digging if you get your cable services through one of these companies. After all, why spend the money on a DVD if you can go in and access any fitness workout you want for free?

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Amelia PavlikComment