A Rockin' Ride by Candlelight: SoulCycle

Candlelight. Thumping bass. A room filled with type-A women (self included) taking a spin class at 9:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. And Emma, a spirited cheerleader/dancer/coach bopping — yes, I said “bopping” — around the studio. Welcome to SoulCycle.

I have to admit that I’ve been eager to try this boutique cycling trend that can only be found in NY and Cali. So as I was finalizing plans for my recent NYC trip, I decided to reach out to the PR peeps for SoulCycle about going for a ride. (And they were kind enough to offer me a complimentary class — yay!)

So on the last day of my visit (just before my visit to the Red Door Spa), I made the 40ish minute walk from our Times Square hotel to the Soul Cycle on East 63rd

The lovely ladies at the front desk provided me with a pair of shoes (you either bring your own or rent them), and filled me in on how things worked. Once the doors to the studio opened — and the members of the class before mine emerged, sweaty and beat — I headed in and asked one of the staffers to help me set up my bike.

Aside from the dark room only lit by candles, the coolest thing about this class was the way it was taught. One woman (I wish I could remember her name!) was on a bike at the head of the room — she was our “model.”

And then there was Emma. For 45 minutes she danced around the room motivating us. (And I mean she really danced — that lady was groovin' to the music!) She was able to coach and cheer us on, in a way that can be challenging when you are actually on a bike trying to teach. I loved this approach!

We did hills, sprints, and even a little bit of upper-body work with light weights for a song (which also happens during a Flywheel class). And throughout class, Emma was always reminding the "new people" — me — in class to take things at their own pace, which I appreciated. Before I knew it, I was the one emerging from the studio drenched in sweat, feeling satisfied and ready to take on the spa.

Unfortunately, SoulCycle hasn’t made it down south yet, but if you’re every in NYC or on the West Coast, these cycling classes are absolutely “fit” to try.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s blog where you’ll get more deets about my NYC trip… Up next, a sweet meal at Todd English's Ca Va just off of Times Square. Until then, stay FWABulous!

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