Prepped Meals that Make my Mouth Happy: Edesia Meals

As the chipotle mayo and chili verde sauce from my pork taco dripped down my fingers, I knew I was going to enjoy my “research” for this blog.

Welcome to my Edesia Meals experience, which was filled with gourmet, prepped dishes including grass-fed beef and veal-stuffed portabello mushrooms, coconut pumpkin chowder, and a paleo brownie (which was freaking amazing and is pictured below).

When I came across Edesia a few months ago, I knew it was a must-try for the blog. So, I reached out to the owner — and head chef — Veronica Case, who offered to let me try a sampling of her meals on the house.

Much of what Chef V dishes up is considered to be paleo (meaning that the food doesn’t contain things like grains, dairy, and refined sugars) — so that amazing brownie that I ate was actually pretty healthy. However, she does make exceptions for those who aren’t following the diet. For example, I received flour tortillas to package my pork taco fillings.

The goal of Edesia is to provide high-quality, prepped meals to folks who don’t have a lot of time to fix their own. People can place an order for the week (you pick and choose the dishes you want) on the Edesia website. Then, early the following week, you can pick your food up at a number of locations across Atlanta.  

So what did I think? This is hands down a “fit “ for me — so much so that I will likely order Chef V’s food in the future on my own dime. I think you’ve already figured this out, but my two favorite dishes were the tacos and the brownie. Amazing. (For more about Edesia, other prepped meal services in Atlanta, and the paleo way of life, check out this article I wrote for the September issue of JEZEBEL Magazine.)


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