A Dream Come True on 5th Avenue: The Red Door Spa

Owning a silver Jaguar convertible and visiting the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa on Fifth Avenue in New York City — those were two things that my 18-year-old self longed to have accomplished by my late 20s.

Well, I have to say that my almost-32-year-old self is quite happy with her sporty Honda Civic (which gets excellent gas mileage). But I couldn't let go of my goal of getting behind the famed "red doors." So during a recent trip to NYC, I reached out to the spa about coming in — and I actually scored an invite for a complimentary treatment!

On a Tuesday around noon, I headed to the famed Fifth Avenue location for a 50-minute Stress Melter Body Treatment. And when I stepped out of the elevator, I was greeted with the spa’s signature red and white décor, which was bathed in natural light flowing into the space. I felt as excited as Carrie Bradshaw during a shoe sale at Saks.

After slipping into my fuzzy robe, I headed to the relaxation room, which was dimly lit and a nice respite from the chaos of the city. Kimberly, my technician, came to get me right on time and escorted me to one of the upstairs treatment rooms via the elevator. (I was amazed at the size of this place!)

Please note that the treatment I received on this day is only available during the bi-annual spa weeks at the spa — one of which is coming up Oct. 14-20. And the best part? Did I mention that they offer the spa week menu treatments (pedis to facials) for $50 each?

For the next 50 minutes, I enjoyed an almost-full-body exfoliation, an aromatherapy body wrap, and a scalp massage. Kimberly was friendly and professional and explained everything that we were doing along the way. So I knew what was about to be scrubbed or slathered with moisturizer. After a morning Soul Cycle class and a chaotic few days in the city, this was just what I needed before catching my flight home that evening.

Not only was this spa a FWABulous “fit” for me — visiting was really (and yes, I know I sound like a complete cheese ball, but I’m owning it) a dream come true.

So my New York peeps, get thee to the spa during spa week. You won’t regret it. And everyone else, if you have a chance to visit one of the Red Door Spa locations across the country (from AZ to VA) , make it a to-do.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s blog where you’ll get more deets about my NYC trip… Up next, finding some soul at Soul Cycle. Stay FWABulous!

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