Challenge Accepted: CrossCore at Cre8fit

It looks so innocent dangling there from the ceiling. But don’t let the CrossCore fool you.

I discovered this type of suspension training during a visit to my new favorite sweat spot in Vinings, Cre8fit. (Read on for my exciting announcement that involves Cre8fit!)

Those of you who are familiar with suspension training (which typically involves using some contraption hanging from a high point to do resistance training that uses your body weight as the resistance) have probably heard of the TRX. Now, I've always thought the TRX was fabulous, but the CrossCore is like the TRX’s sexier little sister — thanks to the pulley system that it operates on.

The balance challenge of dealing with this pulley system challenges your core in a way that the TRX just can’t. And you’re able to rotate your body through exercises in a way that isn’t possible with the fixed straps of a TRX. (Come take the Cre8fit class, and you'll see what I mean.)

A few Saturdays ago, I popped into the gym to take a RealRyder cycling class and decided to stick around to see what CrossCore was all about. For the next 45 minutes, the instructor — and owner — Corey, took us through a full-body resistance workout.

We did each movement for a set period of time (think 30 seconds to one minute), and then we’d do two more sets. Corey would show us modifications to make the exercise easier or more challenging, which allowed folks to work at their own pace. I especially appreciated having the easier modification when it came time to put my feet in the handles and do a suspended plank!

By the end of the workout, I knew that my muscles were going to “talk” to me the next few days, since the movements engage muscles that you don't use when you are standing still lifting free weights. CrossCore is a definite “fit” that I’d recommend to anyone looking to try a new resistance training tool.


So, BIG news time… I’ve finally found a new teaching gig! I’ll be teaching the 6 p.m. Wednesday RealRyder cycling class at Cre8fit beginning in December. Let me know if you’d like to come and check it out, and we’ll make your first class a free one!

Until next Tuesday — stay FWABulous! And keep up with my FWABulous adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Amelia PavlikComment