Hydration Rituals and Raw Oysters in San Antonio: Part II

Losing my raw oyster virginity at Ostra — that’s where I left you last week.

You should know by now that food is way more than sustenance for me. However, as I grow older, I’ve also learned how a balanced approach to eating is a key element to my wellness. For example, I often cook with olive oil instead of butter, try to eat a salad as one meal each day, and almost always have my spinach and fruit smoothie for breakfast. But I don’t deprive myself of things like cheese, wine, and the occasional chips and salsa. Which brings me to my Ostra experience.

During our recent trip to Texas, Mark suggested that we try out a restaurant that he’d discovered during a visit to San Antonio. So I did my homework, and decided that Ostra would be worth the $50 one-way cab ride into town (from the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa where we were spending the weekend).

Ostra is located in the Mokara Hotel & Spa, smack dab on the River Walk. (And here’s my disclaimer — Ostra paid for our food, while Mark and I footed the bill for booze, gratuity, and tax.) This location is especially wonderful in the summer months when SAT can become a miserable hot box. That’s part of why Ostra left Mark so charmed during a June visit.

From the moment we arrived, the service was spot on, so much so that I was talked into trying the oysters — one of the items that this seafood spot does especially well. Our waiter, George, guided me through the assembly process: the oyster goes on top of the saltine, then a bit of Ostra's special sauces, a squeeze of lemon, dash of Tobasco, and a little salt and pepper.

I popped the bite into my mouth and was delighted with the flavor and texture. The nice thing about this nosh spot is that it’s not challenging to eat relatively health, since the menu features a number of lighter seafood options.

I’m going to let the pictures that accompany this blog do most of the talking. But I will say that every bite we ate made our mouths very happy. Between the two of us, Mark and I put away the miniature tuna tacos, the ceviche, and heirloom tomato salad, the jumbo scallops — and an order of the not-to-be-missed sweet potato tater tots. We. Were Stuffed. (In case you’re curious, starters usually ranged from about $10-20, and the entrees were about $25-45.)

Needless to say, this spot was a “fit” that my taste buds would gladly return to.

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