Taking a Spin at Cre8fit: RealRyder Cycling

Handlebars that move. Who knew that something so simple could rock my spin class world so much?

This is what makes RealRyder indoor cycling bikes so unique — the handlebars turn left and right, which equals a core challenge plus killer cardio. I was lucky enough to take my first rides on this contraption at this year’s SCW Mania in Atlanta with actual master trainers for RealRyder: Douglas Brooks and Adam Reid. I. Was. Hooked.

I soon learned that it turns out that one of the few gyms in the state to offer this format is located right in Vinings. Cre8fit is a boutique fit spot that debuted this spring and offers several 45-minute RealRyder classes each week (along with a slew of other cool class formats).

So with an invitation to try a free class from owner, Corey Cutter, I headed to Cre8fit to give it a shot. (Disclaimer, even before taking the class, this gym was already pretty decent in my book, since a few of the instructors I used to teach with at World Gym Smyrna — who I respect — now teach here.)

The studio space is intimate, and I loved the clean and modern décor. Corey, who was my instructor that evening, did a great job of setting me up on the bike and answering any questions I had.

What I really love about the RealRyder is that it spices things up. Let’s face it — cycling in place can get a little boring. But by adding turns, I was forced to pay closer attention to what Corey was telling us to do. For example, imagine doing a hill where you’re already peddling against resistance — and then add having to turn your torso to the left or right and hold for a moment. Whew.

My only complaint is that I probably would have turned the music up a bit louder — and I probably would have had less rock, more hip hop/dance on my playlist. (Of course, those are my own personal tunes preferences.) Regardless, I left feeling well worked and ready to return to Cre8fit to try the CrossCore or BOSU Burn classes. “Fit!”

Until next Tuesday — stay FWABulous!


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