Club Chaos: A Nightclub with a Fitness Twist

Mood lighting flashing greens, pinks and blues, the "thump, thump" of the bass as a DJ spins everything from LMFAO to MJ, scantily clad go-go dancers, shots and champagne — it’s just another Saturday night scene at Buckhead’s Club Chaos.

But did I mention that the shots are of fresh juice?

There’s your tip-off that Club Chaos isn’t your average nightclub. Actually, it’s an experience that Chaos Conditioning, a boutique fitness studio in Buckhead, hosts for a select group of calorie-burning fanatics about once a month.

Basically, instead of picking up that hot guy or hot girl (depending on your personal preference), you’re guaranteed to pick up everything from heavy ropes to medicine balls.

Club Chaos is the brainchild of Chaos Owner Jeff Baird (pictured below with me), a former national martial arts competitor and instructor and graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. I recently received an email from Jeff inviting me to try out the class, and I have to admit that I was intrigued.

So last Saturday night at 7 p.m., I strolled into Chaos with my best workout gear on (I save the Atlanta Activewear leggings and top for “special” workouts!) and joined a group of men and women for a high- intensity interval training (HIIT) workout in a nightclub environment. (To get on the list for Club Chaos, you have to reserve a spot. So, it’s good to get on the studio’s email list, so you’ll be the first to hear when the next event will be held.)

The festivities kicked off with the group doing juice shots, and then we all got a colored band to wear, grouping us into teams. (I was a part of the superstars on team gray — woot, woot!) Also, I must say that I loved the Chaos studio. It’s compact. But it’s clean, the design is modern and the equipment is arranged well.

For the next hour, we worked out for eight, eight-minute rounds. Within each round, was a nonstop mix of cardio and resistance training intervals. We used the TRX a good bit, BOSUs, these crazy treadmills that are controlled by how fast you move (no motors, and see the photo above), heavy ropes (these were killer — if you haven’t worked out with ropes, it’s time to start!) and other toys. From what Jeff told me, this is the type of workout that you will experience if you visit Chaos any day of the week — just minus the clubby atmosphere, and you may wear gloves and do some martial arts.

At the beginning of the class, Jeff stressed that we should modify the exercises according to how we felt. The point? Push hard, but don’t overdo it. He also encouraged us to take breaks whenever we felt we needed one, because the format of the class is to keep moving.

By the end of the hour, I felt like I had found another “fit” and gotten my workout groove on — and a few days later, I’m still reminded of just how much “grooving” I did! The whole experience was capped off with a champagne toast before hitting the road. Now, in my book, that’s the way to end a workout.

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