The Quest for Hotel Gym ‘Fits’ — the Sheraton Chicago Hotel

Whether it’s the Omni Hotels and Resorts offering “Get Fit Kits” for guests or the Hyatt Hotels’ “Stay Fit at Hyatt” program, every business hotel seems to have a fitness and wellness gimmick — and Sheraton Hotels are no exception.

As I travel for business and pleasure, I love to check out hotel gyms. (This blog about my experience at the St. Regis Atlanta gym is just one example of the blogs I've written on this topic.) Yes, I’m that girl who actually checks out the fitness center details on the hotel website before I arrive. So I was well-versed in what the Sheraton Chicago Hotel had to offer before I even set foot in the seventh-floor fitness facility.

Apparently, Sheraton has partnered with a company called “Core Performance” to offer its own fitness and wellness program that touches everything from the room service menu (healthier meals are noted with a colorful symbol) to the equipment included in the gym.

The fitness center is situated down a long and winding hall — I kept wondering if I’d taken a wrong turn at the elevators. But when you walk through the doors, you are immediately struck by the view of the Chicago River. All of the cardio equipment is arranged so that your eyes get as much of a workout as your body, because you're watching all that is going on outside the windows.

The space was pretty large, and the layout allows for easy use of the weight and cardio machines and free weights. There were other toys, too, including exercise and medicine balls. And there was a specific nook that I think was intended for women who wanted to stretch and workout away from the general view of men. (There was also an indoor pool and locker rooms, but I didn’t have an opportunity to use them.)

Basically, this hotel gym “fit” like a pair of Crocs — it was comfy, but in general, it wasn’t that pretty and was kind of “meh.” The space had everything that I needed and was pretty clean, but I wasn’t amazed. Also, all of the advertising for the gym kept saying that the program was “by Core Performance,” yet, there was never any information on how to learn more about the program. I finally Googled it.

On Friday, I’m off on another adventure to check out a resort near Charleston, S.C.: Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Be sure to check FWAB’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (yes, the belle has finally taken the plunge and joined Instagram) for photos, videos and other tidbits throughout my long weekend.

And stay tuned for next week’s blog, where I’ll tell you the need-to-knows about this fabulous resort. Until next Tuesday — stay FWABulous!

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