A Kitchen Tool with a Fit and Well Purpose

Historically, my rolling pin has only made one appearance outside of the kitchen cabinet each year — to roll out Christmas cookie dough. But a month ago, that changed.

When I visited the Bliss Spa at the W Downtown Atlanta, my massage therapist, Lesley, suggested that I start using my rolling pin for more than just cookies. She told me that it was a great substitute for a foam roller, which you use to massage out tight muscles. (See this Runner’s World article for information and videos showing how to use a foam roller.)

Now, the disadvantage is that a rolling pin isn’t quite as versatile as a foam roller. (For example, a rolling pin is a bit too small and firm to lie on it and roll back and forth over it.) But what I think is great are the rolling pin handles that allow you to get a good grip and put more pressure into the “roll” across your muscles.

I’ve been using my “roller” to work out tight hip flexor, quad, calf and hamstring muscles and have been quite pleased. So the next time you are looking to do a little self massage after a hard workout, head to the kitchen.

Until next Tuesday — stay FWABulous!