Two Spots that Make this Bag Lovin’ Belle Swoon

Since I was a little leotard-wearing belle (see "the fitness professional"), there is one thing I am drawn to buy for absolutely no reason: pretty tote bags. I admit it. I am a complete bag sucker — especially when they are monogrammed.

What does this have to do with fitness and wellness, you ask? Well, people at the gym are always asking me where I get my carry-all gym bags, so I thought I’d take a moment to tell you my secret.

I don’t go to Lululemon, and although I love their fitness duds, I’m not a huge fan of Nike bags, either. When I’m looking for a new bag, I go to one of two places — Limetree or Swoozies. Both are guaranteed "fits" in this belle's book.

The thing that both of these boutiques have in common is that they provide big (or small, that's the beauty — they carry all shapes and sizes), adorable tote bags that won’t break your bank. The goldfish creation pictured above is my latest purchase from Swoozies — a steal at only $20!

If you live in the Atlanta area, there are Limetree and Swoozie locations sprinkled about town. When it comes to Limetree locations, I frequent the Vinings spot, and I love the Roswell Road Swoozies.

But if you’re not in the ATL, no worries. Swoozies has an amazing selection online. (Limetree’s online selection is not quite as fabulous, but is still worth a looksee.) And both businesses are tops when it comes to monogramming options, so knock yourself out, folks. Happy shopping!

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Amelia Pavlik2 Comments