It's So Hard to Say 'Goodbye'...

Next Monday, I'll say "goodbye" to something that has been a steady part of my life for years — teaching group fitness at World Gym Smyrna

I started working at the gym when I moved to Atlanta in 2008 and only left for a brief period when I got divorced and moved to Midtown. I've taught in many clubs over the past 10+ years, but this one always felt the most like home, which is why it was so hard to make this decision. 

After some serious soul-searching a few weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that it was time to put in my two-week notice at the gym. I've loved the steady workouts — and the steady paycheck — but most of all, I've loved the people. Whether it was the people I worked with from Deidre to Sho to Jen Lanz to Missy, or the folks who came out to see me each week like Ms. Della, Aimee (with her AWESOME Facebook status updates from my Duathalon class), Jaime, and everyone else, I've met so many wonderful people through this job.  

But with a full-time job at Georgia Tech and a wonderful side gig writing for area magazines and this FWABulous blog, I just can't keep up the pace of driving to Smyrna two nights a week. My Wednesday Duathalon class on May 29 will be my last regular class at the gym.   

I plan to continue subbing classes at the gym, if they'll have me. But as far as teaching goes, I'm now going to stick to the Midtown/Buckhead area. I'm looking into a few options, such as returning to LA Fitness (where I taught for 3+ years while living in South Florida), so we'll see what pans out. And certainly, if you know of any opportunities out there, please let me know. For now, everything is up in the air, and I'm just waiting for it to fall back down into place. And I'm OK with that.    

Until next week — stay FWABulous!