Don’t Judge the Chuice By Its Color

Chewing is not something I’m used to doing when taking a sip of juice — until I tried Chuice.

So what is this chewy concoction that I speak of? Why it’s a blend of 45 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and seeds, that includes everything from kiwi to kale. This fresh, unpasteurized juice comes in two flavors: Forest (which is green in color) and the River of Life (which is red).

I’ve seen this unique beverage around town and decided that it was time to give it a try. So I went to meet with Sujit Sharma from the Chuice team at the company’s base in Midtown. During my visit, I also had a chance to meet Chuice founder Ladell Hill, a personal trainer and wellness consultant.

The foundation of the Chuice recipe stems from information that Ladell’s grandfather shared with him when he was a child about using plants and herbs for healing and wellness. He took this knowledge and found a way to integrate it into his life and the lives of his clients by creating Chuice. According to the company’s website:

“Realizing that his clients were often missing out on the benefits of high-quality nutrition, Ladell made it his goal to create something that could work for them too. He already had a vast array of fruits, vegetables, and herbs he knew would add functionality for a product. By adding nuts and seeds, he achieved two goals: it "rounded out" the nutrition by providing protein and essential fatty acids; and it required chewing, which he felt was necessary to initiate digestion naturally.”

Sujit sent me home with a jug of both the Forest and River of Life flavors (there is a great FAQ section on the website that covers everything from the difference between the two flavors to where you can purchase it). Now for what you’re really wondering — was it a “fit?” Actually, yes. The price is a little steep (a half gallon normally costs around $30, but the ingredients are super fresh). But if you’re in a rush and want the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve had a healthy “meal,” Chuice is perfect.

I thought it tasted sweet and nutty, and it filled me pretty quickly (but there’s only 140 calories in an eight-ounce serving). But beware, have some floss on hand for the Chuice smile that you’ll get from all of the bits and pieces of produce in this bevie!

Until next Tuesday — stay FWABulous!

Amelia PavlikComment