Posh Prepped Meals with a Healthy Twist: K Squared Meals

Huevos rancheros (pictured below) with spicy chili sauce. Tilapia poached in cardamom and ginger broth, mixed fingerling potatoes, and sautéed veggies. Is your mouth watering yet?

But wait — it gets better. Each of these dishes contains only healthy ingredients, are appropriately portioned, and are ready to heat — or eat — in individual containers. Welcome to the bliss that is K Squared Meals.

I first learned about the gourmet prepped meal service from my sweet friend, Joey Detenber, who also happens to be director of the go-to spa for my mani shellacking: Bliss at the W Atlanta Downtown. A few months ago, Joey mentioned that his partner, Kevin Kusinski, was a personal trainer and chef, and had started a business called K Squared Meals. After reaching out to Kevin, he offered to let me try a week’s worth of meals  — and who am I to turn down free food, right?

What is so unique about Kevin’s food is that he cooks with a variety of flavors in mind, ranging from Thai to Mexican. He prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals that are proportioned in individual containers to ensure that you don’t overeat.

Ingredients are fresh, which is why you should stick meals that won’t be eaten until the end of the week in the freezer. One of my meals had a bit of fur growing on it because of when it was made and when I received it. That’s why I recommend you take a peek at things as soon as you get them, and let Kevin know if you need any replacements — which he’s happy to provide. 

What I loved about these meals is that they’re easy. Kevin offers delivery to folks living in the Atlanta area, and everything is ready to go when you need to eat. What was challenging for me is that I like to be able to cook certain things during the week (think smoothies for breakfast and salads with a can of tuna for dinner). I don’t necessarily want to have something ready-made for every meal. So if I were to try Kevin's meals again, I'd probably pick and choose what I wanted.

Also, there were some dishes that I enjoyed more than others. For example, I’m not a fan of reheated omelets. But what doesn’t work for me might work for others. So was it a “fit” or a “miss?” I’d say it’s a partial “fit.” I like the convenience and the diversity of dishes — but I still like to cook some of my own meals. 

For all of the details about K Squared Meals (and the deets on following a paleo diet) check out my latest article in Atlanta’s JEZEBEL Magazine.

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