Playing a Round at Old Edwards Club

Holes with jaw-dropping mountain views. A delish chicken salad sammy and a Coke delivered straight to my cart — thanks to a nifty little computer. And customer service that makes me feel as adored as Phil Mickelson at the Masters. Old Edwards Club knows how to do golf.

In case you are new to the blog, I’ve been trying to arrange a golf lesson at the club since last October. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans during that visit and literally rained on my parade (check out this blog for the deets).

So the Director of Golf, Jordan Kenter, gave me a rain check. And I was finally able to cash in this summer when my boyfriend, Mark, and I headed up to Old Edwards Inn and Spa (OEI) in July to get away from the real world.

As usual, OEI knocked our socks off from the get-go. We were greeted with the customary glass of champagne upon our arrival and were upgraded from our regular room to a suite in one of the cozy new Falls Cottages, which opened in June. (Each cottage is divided into multiple suites.)

From the stand-alone tub to the massive four-poster bed to the fireplace — and yes, we did use the fireplace, even in July — we were blown away by what our “cottage” had to offer. Having the extra room that this suite offered was much-appreciated, given the fact we were staying for more than a few nights.

We also enjoyed sitting poolside sipping OEI’s signature cocktails — my fav is the strawberry mint smash, the complimentary Dove bars, and mouth-watering meals in the Wine Garden and at Madison’s. I even squeezed in a visit to the spa for a pedi and some time in what is still the most amazing relaxation room I’ve seen in a spa (no one can touch the snuggly blankets in this place).

But the highlight of this trip was FINALLY getting my lesson with Jordan — which was followed by a round of golf. (OK, Mark was technically the one playing, but I got to take a swing here and there…) And full disclosure, kids, all golf expenses were covered on this day by the club — but Mark and I enjoyed ourselves so much we’ll be back on our own dime.

The lesson was an hour of just what I needed. (In terms of clubs, I still haven’t invested in my own set. So Jordan let me borrow a set.) As I continue to work on my swing, my challenge is rotating my body enough and not trying to rush things. When I rush, everything just falls apart. But Jordan was encouraging and provided me with just the right advice — all I can say is think about a waiter holding a tray on your backswing.

It felt so good to actually here the sweet “thunk” of the club face hitting the ball in just the right spot. I was reminded of why I need to find myself a pro here in Atlanta, so I can take lessons on a more-than-every-four-months basis. (Life would be so much easier if Jordan would just move to Atlanta...)

After the lesson, I took command of the cart (which was state-of-the-art, I must say) and watched Mark take on 18 holes — through pouring rain and sunshine. And as I mentioned, since there weren’t many people battling through the rain like we were, I was able to drop a ball and take a shot here and there. We had a blast — and the views weren’t that bad either.

We left our golf excursion feeling good about what had been accomplished (and ready for a cocktail). Like everything else I’ve ever experienced at OEI, our golf experience was an absolute “fit.” Now when can we go back?

Until next Tuesday — stay FWABulous!

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