A Fit Belle in Paris: Facial Love at Le Meurice

It was the pièce de résistance of my year of spa visits. I experienced a facial at the hotel of kings and queens across from the Tuileries in Paris — Le Meurice.

Prior to my Thanksgiving visit, I’d reached out to a handful of high-end hotel spas in the city. And I was lucky enough to receive an invite to visit Le Meurice (and time for my disclaimer, the normally 150 euro treatment I received was comped — I’m a very lucky belle). So on a Friday afternoon during my visit, I walked down Rue de Rivoli to the exquisite old hotel.

Le Spa Valmont at the hotel was tucked away on an upper floor and was decorated in whites, bronzes, and celadon greens. I was greeted at the front desk and whisked away to a cozy locker room area where I changed into my slippers and robe.

Had the weather been warmer, I could have enjoyed the courtyard area. I also had access to the state-of-the-art fitness center, a sauna, and two hammams (think the Middle Eastern wet relative of the sauna). But on this day, since my sweet mama and I had a jam-packed sched of sightseeing planned, I only had a chance to pop in for my Bulle Emotionnelle — one of the spa’s signature facials.

After enjoying a cup of hot tea and a bit of fresh fruit, I was escorted to my treatment room. With soft music playing in the background, my esthetician massaged my face with all sorts of solutions and moisturizers for an hour.

And there were portions of the treatment where I could feel ice cubes — or something dipped in ice — being applied to my skin. (Of course, that’s the fun part of facials. You never know exactly what’s going on, because your eyes are covered. But my technician did an excellent job of explaining what she was going to do prior to the facial.)

I’m not going to lie — there were some moments where one of the potions applied to my face made it feel slightly irritated. (My technician did warn me that I might feel a bit of “burning.”) But the discomfort was worth it. I emerged from the treatment with glowing and refreshed skin, a miracle given how dry it had gotten from the plane trip and cold weather.

My first international spa adventure — a definite “fit” for this belle who is now eager to book the next one!

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Amelia PavlikComment